Fit Kid

The goal of this program is to develop strength, power, agility, endurance, balance, and flexibility among three to six year old kids. In the process, focus, discipline, respect, and self-confidence will be developed, as a result of the scientifically based training methodology and the high quality instruction provided by our top-level coaches.

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Basic Course

The Basic karate program is more complex and demanding than it sounds. While there is no difference between starting your karate training through the Basic Course or the Black Belt Club, the purpose of the Basic Course is to give the new students — especially younger ones — a good idea about what they can expect from karate training and to make sure that they will be able to commit to learning martial arts longer than the initial six month period.

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Black Belt Club

In addition to basic techniques, katas (forms) and self-defense techniques, the Black Belt Club provides training that will dramatically improve your technical knowledge and physical abilities. In addition to advanced karate and self-defense techniques against both unarmed and armed attackers, the Black Belt Club students learn how to use the traditional weapons such as nunchucks, sticks, tonfa, bo, sai, etc.)

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Private Training

Private training insures much faster progress in all aspects of martial arts or athletic development. Each private training session is tailored to individual circumstances, current physical abilities, and students’ individual goals and desires. Private training sessions are conducted exclusively by our Chief Instructor, Goran Lozo.

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Birthday Parties

Birthday parties at Goran’s Karate Dojo often lead to kids wanting to practice martial arts, specifically karate. Our birthday parties are dynamic and fun. Kids love them, parents love them, and our instructors enjoy doing them. You cannot go wrong with having a birthday party for your child at Goran’s Karate Dojo.

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